About TOPIK Language Solutions

TOPIK Language Solutions is a professional translation and Interpretation company based in New Delhi, India.

We aim at becoming your preferred language partner by delivering high quality language solutions within the stipulated time and at competitive prices. We rely upon a team of professionals comprising highly qualified scholars, professors, lawyers, engineers, managers and technocrats. Our team members are either native speakers or have taken formal language training in the native countries. Special attention is paid to ensure that our translators not just possess excellent academic credentials but are also sufficiently experienced in specific domains. We also make sure that all our freelance translators are in tune with our translation-localization methodology and quality control process that is based on a demonstrated system of best practices. We emphasize on translation quality, global project management, task automation, process consistency, flexibility and customer service.

With a view to remain abreast with the rapidly changing technology scenarios, our team has adapted itself by constantly upgrading its domain expertise in the translation industry and adapting to meet ever-changing technology needs including Localization and CAT tools as per the needs of clients.