Translation Services


You need to communicate in a variety of languages and cultures. We can help you bridge the cultural and language gap. TOPIK Language Solutions will extend your reach with translation services and guidance in navigating international social customs.

Our language translation services are offered in over 20 different world languages. We have a specialized team of experienced professional translators who translate only into their own mother tongues. Most of them have degrees in a specialized domain of knowledge and in the translation profession.

At TOPIK Language Solutions we provide translation services both to big corporate houses as well as small medium enterprises and individuals. We strongly strive to maintain the quality control processes for all short of translation projects. So if you are looking for outsourcing your company’s language translation projects then you can consider and rely on us as a profitable option as our work is based on accuracy and clients’ satisfaction.

We are known for our praiseworthy attributes that include:

Best in Class Project Management
Best in Class Project Management which ensures you have a single point of contact for all your language translation requirements Text adaptation and cultural feedback means that those ever important marketing messages are not lost in a literal translation at all.

Scalable offering giving you the flexibility to go from translation of a one page document through to millions of words with the comfort of knowing complete care will be given throughout the assignment.

Fast Response
Rapid response turnaround guaranteeing those time and business critical documents are translated on time, every time without fail.

Total privacy and confidentiality
Total privacy and confidentiality is maintained of all your documents. We understand that your document may contain confidential data and we do not disclose or use them in any form.

Changes or corrections in translations
We are committed to providing high quality of services all times. We ensure that translation you get is as per your specifications.

Quality Assurance Guarantee
We are so confident in our services that we offer a guaranteed quality to your satisfaction.

After Sales Service
What? After Sales Service for Translations? Yes, you read it right. We get in touch of our clients to know if they have any problems with the translations or any service they have bought from us. We provide you with changed/altered translations or service at no additional cost or at appropriate additional cost to help you make full use of what you get. You need to make full utilisation of your money to get maximum benefit.

Native/Mother Tongue Translators
We get translation done by mother tongue translator who live in-country or a equivalent expert and only translate to their given specialty for most of your translations.

Quality Standards
Quality standards are adhered to throughout the lifetime of a translation work/project giving you the assurance that your work/project is in the best possible hands.

Our language experts portfolio includes almost all major Languages – Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Persian, Arabic and all Indian languages.